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Emaar MGF Launches FOOD COURT at Emerald Hills SEC 65 Gurgaon

Food Court Concept in Gurgaon: A High Success

About this food court options in trailing mail, we find it to be a smash hit. Our internal target was to finish all by 31st march but more than 50% of the units (except bigger ones) are sold. We are also surprised with good response as 16 units sold in just 3 days and that too without any advertisement.

During this weekend, we discovered that the new state of the art food court called “CYBERHUB” is getting rentals of Rs.1000/- per sq ft. Check website www.dlfcyberhub.comonce. These are available on lease only and not sold by DLF. We also see that Galleria market (Emerald Plaza is similar to Galleria Market pattern) is attracting rental in the range of Rs.700-900 Rs. per sq ft.

It shows that in case the product is good then it can be a jackpot for owners. EmaarMGF’s first project (irrespective of delays) Palm Springs is still getting highest rate for apartments on Golf Course Road.

We believe that with vast habitat and commercial offices around this place on Golf Course Extension road, this food plaza has the potential of become another mix of Cyber Hub and Galleria type of property.  Possible clientele could be

1.    Appx. 200 acres emerald hills residential project itself.
2.    Very high end 75 acre complex of Golf Estate which is adjacent project.
3.    Appx. 3 lakh sq ft of high end offices in emerald plaza itself (refer cyber hub success story)
4.    Entire stretch of Golf Course Extension Road from sector 58 to 66 has provision of 200 meters of commercial zone. All these offices will directly contribute to the success of this food court.
5.    300 acres nirvana city – across the road could be another contributor to the success of this.

With this in background, we wish to invite your attention to only two units of 3000 sq ft in this complex. These two units are located on top of two corners. Refer the enclosed drawing and consider that these will be two exclusive units with possibility of a McDonald or KFC or Haldiram or similar outfit being there which will become an excellent revenue source for the times to come. With the background of cyber hub, we suggest considering these two very special locations (as marked in the enclosed drawing) for acquisition at the price mentioned below. It will be noteworthy to mention that almost fifty percent of the payment outflow is at the time of possession.

Note - See

1.    Developer is best developer of the world
2.    Gurgaon is the best city for investments
3.    Golf Course Extension Road is the best location for investment
4.    For Food Court – cyber hub story  proves – this is the best destination.

Contact us ASAP.

Emaar MGF Land Limited A/c Emerald Plaza, Golf Course Extn. Road, Gurgaon
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Exclusive Food Court with Possession Linked Plan 
(Pay 35% Rest on Possession) 
(Very Limited Shops)

About Emerald Plaza:  Emerald Plaza is a street-style retail, Food Court and SOHO format spaces development, located in 4 acres of land. It will house three floors of retail space and Nine floors of office space. On view would be great attention to design and detail and a unique concept where the exterior massing complements the interior courtyard. Added to this is the close proximity of the plaza to an upmarket residential community with a captive consumer base. Facilities and quality standards will be world class, a feature common to all Emaar MGF developments.

Exclusive Food Court & Catering:


(Sq Ft)


(Per Sq Ft)

Inaugural Discount

(Per Sq Ft)
Effective BSP (Rs.)

Total BSP

Why to Invest:
* More over 6000 Families Going to shift within 12 months & More than 1500 Foot falls on daily basis.
* Proposed Metro Route along with Metro Station (Emerald Hills)
Restaurant with terrace dining provided at second floor.
* Dedicated signage areas for all units as per new design.
* Great attention to design and detail and a unique concept where the exterior massing complements the interior courtyard.
* Landscaped terrace area on selected floors.
* Close proximity of the plaza to an upmarket residential (M3M Golf Estate/Emerald Hills/ Palm Drive/Nirvana Country) with a captive consumer base.
* Facilities and quality standards will be world class, a feature common to all Emaar MGF developments.
* Quality shopping world-class office space, Courtyard style mixed-use development open-air convenience retail including clinics health club restaurants and cafes consumer destination internal court connected to the housing community convenient access from all sides central curvilinear courtyard SOHO format efficiency and flexibility cost effective uncompromising quality.
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Authorized Partner : Real Estate Gurgaon.


The response to this preposition has been excellent. Internal targets achieved within 24 hours of launch. Major reasons being

1.    The location of this unit is exceptionally good. It is on Golf course extension road and this road will be probably the most glittering road of Gurgaon in next 3-4 years.
2.    The ticket size is quite reasonable. One can have an investment on one of the most prime locations in Gurgaon with 50 Lakh Rs. appx.
Even this small ticket is to be paid in 35:65 i.e. 65% to be paid on posession.
3.    Retail is normally limited in quantity due to its being attached to ground. Due to limited supply, the appreciation in this segment is always more. Any running quality retail in Gurgaon today shall be 25k plus. Galleria in DLF-4 could be one example to stretch it can take. Today the rates there are 1.5 lakh plus.
4.    It is part of appx 200 acres township – emerald hills. It is surrounded by townships like nirvana country, Golfestate, Marbella and countless offices to be in the near vicinity besides so many offices in its own compound itself.
5.    This food court type of investment is an option which can grow exponentially. We forecast rate of Rs.one lakh per sq ft for this unit in next 10-12 years. This is phenomenal growth.

With this background, the company is planning to revise the prices of this food court options upwards after one week.

We strongly recommend this investment as retail on excellent location – just cannot go wrong.

Contact us for all DETAILS:

MANISH RANJAN: +91-9711984904 / 9910597800

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