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12% Assured Return and Lease Guranteed Commercial Project in sec 74 on SPR Road, Gurgaon

We are pleased to present you the upcoming project of Vigneshwara developer which is going to be coming in sector 74, at the Central Business district near to Golf course extension road of Gurgaon .
The project is based on the integrated development concept of WORK LIVE SHOP AND PLAY
  • Office Space
  • Retail space
  • SOHO Next (Serviced Apartments)
Benefits which will help to grow the money in the form of:-
1.) Assurred Return Plan
Unit size:                                  1000 sq ft
Rate (Per sq ft):                       Rs. 5500/- 
Total Investment:                    Unit size X Rate / sqft = 1000 * 5500 = Rs. 55,00,000/-
Assured Return:                      12% Per Annum
ROI per annum:                      12% = Rs. 6,60,000/-
ROI per Month:                       1% = Rs. 55,000/-
ROI For 5 Years:                     Rs. 33,00,000/-
And Industry's Growth:          30% per annum
Total Value in 5 Yrs:               Rs. 1,37,50,000/-
Net Profit:                                 Rs. 1,15,50,000/-
Unit Size:                                  2000 sq ft (Min. area)
Rate:                                          Rs. 5500 per sq ft
Total Investment:                     Rs. 1,10,00,000/-
Buyback After 2.5Yrs@           61.5%
Total Value in 2.5 Yrs:             Rs. 1,77,65,000/-
Net Profit:                                  Rs. 67,65,000/-
(Note: Min. sq ft Area for Buy Back Plan is 2000 sq ft. )
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 Other Benefits:
  • Monthly return on the investment(12% assured return per annum).
  • First Lease for 9 Years so Earn rentals after completion of project.
  • Appreciation on the property because of location (Situated on 150 MTR. wide SPR) also connectivity from Sohna Road, Golf course Exten Road.
  • Inside proximity to more then 35000 crores combined investment in sec 70-74 because of complementing growth.
  • Proximity to upcoming metro.
Rate(per sq ft) Min. Investment
Office space
Multiples of 250 (250, 500, etc)
e.g. 250*5500= Rs.1375000
Retail Shop
250 , 500
12000 per sqft
e.g. 250*12000= Rs.3000000
12000 per sqft
e.g. 200*12000=
Rs. 2400000
e.g. 250*12000= Rs.3000000
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